Nina Wijnmaalen (NL, 1980) received her BA at Academy of Fine Arts (Minerva) in Groningen in 2007 in photography and video. After her study she joined several exhibitions and was represented by Kunsthuis SYB for a while. During her residency in Kunsthuis SYB in 2009 she started developing performances and since then followed intensive workshops by different performance artists and institutions such as Ivo Dimchev (Tanz im August 2010), Performance Art Studies (Rotterdam 2012), SNDO (Amsterdam 2013) and Trajal Harrell (Impulstanz 2013). Nina creates image-based performances where she focusses on the human and its daily behavior. Using images which are disturbing and seductive at the same time she creates a mixture of estrangement and reality. Therefore she uses elements from different disciplines; performance art, dance, (choir) sound, mime and poetry. Nina showed her work at Dansmakers Amsterdam, during the Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival, Tanz im August (DL), the RAW Art Festival, Groninger Museum, the ArtPie, Basis for Live Art, WHY NOT dance festival, performancefestival VERBO in Brazil, STANTSIA in Kostroma (RU) and during Salon-evenings she initiated herself.


    Within my work as performative choreographer I research the way I judge myself and others. I register basic thoughts: How do I respond to someone who looks different or deviates from the rest? Why do I feel uncomfortable in certain situations? Do I recognize myself in the behavior of the other? In my work I create a universe in the form of a microcosm or family biotope consisting out of different individuals and characters; a man, a women, children, a Korean, a transsexual, gay, straight. These characters stand as a metaphor for the complexity of interpersonal contact and the vulnerability of communication. The characters I portray have a troubled relationship with themselves, the other and their environment and make frantic efforts to reach each other and show us fragments of thoughts, desires and fantasies they have about themselves and the other. In this way they expose the (inner) struggle of the anxious and struggling individual.


Sun / Moon documentaire (language Dutch)

SUN/MOON from Nina Wijnmaalen on Vimeo.

It isn’t the sun but the moon that enlightens the objects of my dream

“Een familieportret, een samenkomst van grote mensen, kleine mensen, suikerooms, vaders, grootmoeders en diverse aangetrouwde lieden. Een stuk over u en mij en over hoe we het leven vieren, ons opdoffen, tooien en voortbewegen. Hoe we kussen, spelen, drinken en dansen, uit volle borst zingen, de gordijnen openen en liefhebben! Maar ook over hoe we […]

Auf meiner Seele hat ein Fremdling getanzt

              Auf meiner Seele hat ein Fremdling getanzt from Dansmakers on Vimeo. a piece by seven individuals representing human attempts of hope and fear ‘ (part 3) presented at; – Dansmakers Amsterdam 2014 – de NWE Vorst Tilburg, L’Avventura (excerpt) 2014 Credits: Choreografie & concept: Nina Wijnmaalen Performers: Emma de Gans, Mylan Hoezen, […]

Object of Desire

             Object of Desire (compilatie) – Nina Wijnmaalen from Nina Wijnmaalen on Vimeo. a piece by seven individuals representing human attempts of hope and fear (part 2) presented at; – Groninger Museum 2014 – FLAM V Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam 2014 – VERBO Brazil, Sao Paulo, 2014 – STANTSIA Russia, […]

There is no place like home

         There is no place like home – Nina Wijnmaalen from Nina Wijnmaalen on Vimeo.   a short piece by 7 performers representing human attempts of hope and fear (part 1) performed at: – FLAM 4 Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam, April 2013 – Why Not dance and performance festival, August 2013 – […]

Melkmeisje / Milkmaid 2010

      Melkmeisje – Nina Wijnmaalen from Nina Wijnmaalen on Vimeo.

VIDEOS 2005 – 2009


Photography 2003 – 2014


Polaroids 2003 – 2015




“Ich habe Angst vor meinem Willen. Vor der Masse und dem Urteil. Vor dicken und unattraktiven Menschen. Vor Afrikanischen Kindern mit Kugelbäuchen. Vor schwangeren Frauen. Vor Invaliden, Schwarzen und Japanern. Vor Homosexuellen, Hunden und Junkies. Vor Idioten und Schizophrenen. Vor Huren, Philosophen und Fanatikern. Vor den Wohltätigkeits-Organisationen und vor der Wirtschaft. Ich habe Angst vor Sehnsucht, Liebe und vor Chaos, vor Einsamkeit, Gemütlichkeit, vor Klassischer Musik und Yves Klein. Vor Sex, Geld, Fashion. Vor meinen Erinnerungen und vor der Langweiligkeit. Vor den Nachrichten, dem Mond und der Zeit. Vor Ewigkeit. Ich habe Angst, vor dir, vor mir” –  Object of Desire, 2014