There is no place like home

There is no place like home


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There is no place like home – Nina Wijnmaalen from Nina Wijnmaalen on Vimeo.


a short piece by 7 performers representing human attempts of hope and fear (part 1)

performed at:

– FLAM 4 Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam, April 2013
– Why Not dance and performance festival, August 2013
– Art Basement Groningen, December 2013

performers: Romeo Boldewijn, Daniella Chasseur, Joost Eisink, Nina Glockner, Mylan Hoezen,
Santje Kramer, Louka Wijnmaalen & Jong Vocaal Groningen (choir)
concept: Nina Wijnmaalen

filmed by Joost Wierenga & Manus Sweeney